join us>Cooperation step

  • 1, CityDiscount will send a marketing specialist to contact with you and discuss details.
  • 2, After merchants provide essential information include discount details and sign the contact to build cooperative relationship, finish the payment of service.
  • 3, CD website and social media department will contact with your marketing specialist and confirm the digital/network marketing plan and content.
  • 4, CD official website will design a exclusive webpage for merchant; chosen services will start and coordinate with time-based promotions.
  • 5, During the contract, CD marketing specialist will keep contact with merchant, merchant needs to provide relevant marketing materials timely.
  • 6, Merchant can submit special activities with marketing specialist and promote together;
  • 7, CD will hold fixed meeting with merchant, provide feedback and suggestions which improve the efficiency of promotion plans.
  • 8, CD will invite merchant join our large offline activities for collaborative promotion.


Please call 03 9326 5844 to discuss cooperation matters in detail.