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CityDiscount is a rising social media company which shows different sides of Melbourne fashion life. Covering catering, entertainment, shopping, beauty, traveling and fashion, “CD Membership card” can let CD members get more and more cooperative merchants exclusive discounts. CD card holders can easily find their favor merchants and activities from our varies social platforms and start their saving life.

CityDiscount aims to become a bridge between merchants and customers, and create a win-win strategy to provide more loyal customers to merchants and also give customers more wanted discount offers. We serviced almost 500 merchants and good at digital marketing communications. We can help Melbourne’s merchants increase sales, expand market, enhance brand image and value by designed packages.

Please call 03 9326 5844 for any cooperation details.

During the period of contract, you will obtain:

1. One advertorials in CD Weibo every day.

2. An exclusive webpage for merchant in CD official website, and high priority in exclusive discounts lists of CD official website.

3. Within the contract period, if CityDiscount launch any value-added features and services, you will receive a free trial of priority rights.

4. One service meeting every month, we will give you the feedback and advice of merchants’ products and services and updated promotion plan.

Please call 03 9326 5844 to discuss cooperation matters in detail.