12 Powerful Photographs That Capture Humanity

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It’s been said a picture is a poem without the words. If that’s true, then this collection of 12 photographs is a powerful composition about the human condition.
From the young and innocent to the old and wise, the people in these images depict what it means to be human. In the vibrant spectrum of playtime and the gloomy shadows of wartime, they suffer, rejoice, play, subvert, and exist.
When you next find yourself suffering the latest first world problem, check in to this album for a health dose of reality.





1. 17 year old Jan Rose Kasmir offers a flower to soldiers during the Pentagon anti-war protest in 1967.


2. A North Korean waves at his South Korean brother after inter-Korean temporary family reunions.


3. Lt. Colonel Robert L. Stirm is reunited with his family after being taken prisoner during the Vietnam war.

4. Sergeant Frank Praytor looks after a two-week old kitten during the height of the Korean War.

5. A Brazilian protester stands before gunfire during protests against corruption and police brutality.

6. Anna Fisher, astronaut, with stars in her eyes on the cover of Life magazine in 1985. She was the first mother in space.

7. A boy crosses a London street in the 1960s with a toy double decker.

8. An Irish teenager yells at British soldiers during unrest in Northern Ireland.

9. The child of a KKK member touches his reflection in an African American police officer's riot shield during a demonstration. [1992]

10. 10 year old Yemeni girl smiling after she was granted a divorce from her husband - a grown adult.

11. Dr. Religa monitors his patient's vitals after a 23 hour long heart transplant surgery. His assistant is sleeping in the corner. [1987]

12. Protester plays piano over the sounds of chaos, with riot police in the backdrop.

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