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The over-bridge rice noodle has had nearly 300 years’ history in Yun Nan province in China. The story began in Nanhu, which is a beautiful town outside Mengzi city (an old Yun Nan city). Since there are a lot of scholars gathering here and having fun, there is a scholar, Mr. Yang who always hung out never back home. One day his wife suggested“you are not expected to become famous or wealthy but you should take the responsibility of raising your family.” At that moment Mr. Yang realised he should study hard and take the highest exam held in Beijing. Because of his hard working, his health was going worse which worried his wife. Therefore she cooked lunches for him and sent to his study place. But he always forgot to eat till the food went cold. However, the wife found the soup in the marmite was actually hot since the oil and the marmite itself can reserve the heat very well. So the wife decided to bring raw food but a heated marmite every time. So that when Mr. Yang can start to eat, she just transferred the food to the hot marmite and naturally cooked. By this way the scholar can eat healthy food and maintain a strong body.
After he went to the exam, he won the first place and return hometown to celebrate with families and friends. When people asked how he success, he just introduced his wife’s unique cooking. This method had been proved to be perfect and tasty by all their friends. Derived from this, over-bridge rice noodle had been invented. Along with all these years, it has been developed by generations of chefs in Yun Nan and finally becomes a famous dish from Yun Nan. 

Apart from over-bridge rice noodle, other rice noodles served here are also very delicious. No matter to match with shredded chicken or stewed beef, the rice noodles taste just wonderful with a tender and smooth texture. It is a wise method to retain medical effect of some food, and the steamed pot is a suitable way to achieve this. The steamed chicken soup, or some other soup with precious herbs, is more than just food because they can bring you strength and health. The cold plates including cold eggplant and cold hrysanthemum are very helpful with appetite. Stir fried dishes such as braised pork and sweet and sour pork ribs are authentic and tasty. Despite this, coconut rice and other rice dishes can present you a feeling of southeast China. If you feel like some dessert along with a chat then you have great choices as ice porridge with brown sugar or papaya juice.
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