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CityDiscount respects your privacy. We can keep secure about your information(exclude publicly information) and other related identity confidential. In this case without your permission, we will never disclose to any other customers. If we are in breach of this policy, you can termnate our services any time and take the appropriate legal measures. We respect and do our best to protect your privacy, which is the reason that we introduce this “Privacy”. Following rules only valid for all CityDiscount Webpages, Discussion Lists, and optional email. The details is showing in following:

About initial data of accessing website

Each computer will be given a domain name and a column number which is the IP address when access to Internet. When visitor access our Website, our web servers will automatically recognize visitor’s domain name and IP address. It only showing you from which IP address for visiting, and it will not disclose any of your personal information. We only use visitor’s domain name and IP address for statistical visitors calculation, not used to collect and evaluate personal information. Our web servers do not record visitor’s email address.

What information you need to offer?

In order to provide additional services and further research, we may ask you for email addresses or postal addresses, CityDisount will notify (include but not limited to) our customers of the matters and purpose before collecting any Personal Information.

Will CityDiscount disclose the obtained information to third parties?

CityDiscount only will disclose customers personal information when permitted by law or confirmed situation we have to. These situation include but not limited to:

1) In accordance with regulations or CityDiscount relevant customer service procedures;

2) Protecting CityDiscount’s network copyright and ownership, preserve the legitimate rights of visitors;

3) Identifying people who may be violating the law, the legal notice or the rights of third parties;

4) In cooperation with government or the relevant legal bodies for investigating illegal activities;

5) When you are interested in some specific information posted by CityDiscount, we may provide your contact details to the appropriate third party as request. According to time differences or delay, therefore it cannot be guaranteed the results of transferring information, and it also cannot be guaranteed that your information will not be abused by the third party.

You must agree to terms and conditions above before using our services. CityDiscount will update privacy information if terms and conditions changed.